Talent On Purpose

Praeco Skills has developed a proprietary model that allows you to assess the health of your talent value stream. Do you have a sufficient recruiting pipeline? Are you using a well-defined training program to develop your team? Are your employees engaged and committed to your company for the long-term? The Talent On Purpose model provides you a score, then a "road map" to start proactively addressing your talent value stream using industry best-practices.

There are two ways to get started:

 1. 2-hour self-assessment - Have Praeco Skills come to your site and lead a 2-hour self-assessment with your team. This cost is $500 + travel, (the $500 is waived for Michigan Manufacturers Association Members)
 2. 3-day audit - Praeco Skills will come to your site and provide a 3-day Talent On Purpose audit. We will do a deep dive into your talent value stream, and you will receive a comprehensive report with measurable action item.

 Contact us today to start proactively solving your skills shortage!