Customized Training Programs

Effective training is a process. It is not just a class or a series of classes. Effective training program development involves the ability to look at past successes, current trends and future needs to create a process of employee development that will sustain your company for a generation.

The most effective training programs are built from the ground floor. Praeco Skills uses scientifically proven methods for developing fully customized training programs that are 100% value-added. We work with your people to create a program using your processes, software and equipment that will serve as the talent development foundation for years to come.

Our training programs can be developed for every job title at your company – we can even take your program as far as developing your own internal school.

Praeco Skills Real-Time Training Matrix


Teach us how ...

Praeco Skills will come to your facility and teach your team how to build, maintain and implement your own customized training program. We will provide you all of our tools and templates so you can leverage our experience but still customize it how you want it.

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Do it for us ...

Praeco Skills will work onsite at your facility, work with your Subject Matter Experts and build your training program for you. We will then lead the program implementation and maintenance so you can focus on what you do best.

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Praeco Skills has been very flexible and easy to work with.  They have provided tools and insights that give us the confidence to develop our team properly.  Their range of shop floor experience really showed when they provided us with our customized program.

Robin S.

HR Director • Precision Aerospace Company

The Development Process


Working with your Subject Matter Experts, we perform Job & Task Analysis and collect all required information to build the program.


After pilot testing, we perform TWI-JI based Train-the-Trainer and roll out the program to each area.


Install a robust maintenance plan that ensures the program is being updated and used for years to come.

Program Details

Program Details

A Praeco Skills customized program is 100% designed around the needs of your company. Using the data collected specifically from your company we will develop the foundation of learning at your company that will last for years to come.The details described below are simply common elements that are used in many of our programs. We draw from proven methods and techniques but we pride ourselves on remaining flexible to meet the unique demands of every individual learner and company.

Our programs can be built and delivered in a hard-copy or electronic format. Many companies choose to use a combination of both formats. Praeco Customized Training Programs can also be incorporated in Certified Apprenticeship Programs.

Training Manuals
Tracking Tools
Custom Learning Plan
Skill Check Sheets
Revision Plan
∙ Machine, Process & Software specific training check sheets
∙ Tasks organized by complexity
∙ Tasks individually evaluated by trainers & final validated by supervisors
∙ Performance expectation timelines
∙ Online coursework & class requirements
∙ Performance evaluation criteria
∙ Tools or metrics identified by the Job Analysis

Customized Praeco Tracking Tools are designed to conveniently track trainee development down to the task.  Each task and work area is logically broken into performance levels.  All customized programs are designed to be trainee driven.  The trainee clearly understands his / her path of development and is expected to push their own development.  The programs designed by Praeco force a self-directed learning environment.  As the trainee progresses, s/he is expected to work with his / her supervisor and / or trainer to ensure all training records are kept up to date.

Skill Summary

The 1-Page Skill Summary is designed to be an "at-a-glance" development progress chart. It is perfect for shop owners and managers to check quickly and randomly to ensure their trainee is developing appropriately.

Training Reviews

Creating a self-directed learning culture requires systems and processes that force communication and feedback.  Doing a simple 10-minute training review at scheduled intervals can catch training issues before they happen.  They will also provide objective documentation for under-performers and over-achievers.

Electronic Platform

Every Praeco Skills client has the option to receive electronic program delivery, tracking and reporting on our password protected and secure Learning Management System (LMS).  You can deliver and track all training program materials from the convenience of your smart phone or personal computer.

The job and task analysis portion will reveal all the appropriate Attitudes, Knowledge and Skills necessary for the trainee to be successful in his / her occupation. The Custom Learning Plan is designed to develop the Knowledge base of your trainee. Whether it is an online training plan, connecting with local community colleges, using supplier training resources or using Praeco Standard Courses, we will research the BEST solution to fill the knowledge-gap of your trainees.

The Skill Check Sheets are considered the "meat" of the program.  The Skill Check Sheets are process, software and equipment specific training plans that are designed to logically track trainee development while also respecting the experiences of the trainers.  The Skill Check Sheets control what is being taught and ensure the proper topics are being addressed.  No more "shoot-from-the-hip" training that leaves you wondering what is actually being taught.  It is common for a trainee to cover several hundred measureable tasks in his / her training time.  The Skill Check Sheets provide unprecedented depth and control to employee development. 

Again, all of these tools can be delivered electronically on the Praeco Skills Learning Management System (LMS).  The trainee progress is tracked and reported right to your computer or smart phone.  It can also be downloaded in multiple formats to assist in employee appraisals. 

Effective training programs are living documents.  Praeco designs all training programs to incorporate a robust Revision Plan.  As equipment is added, processes are improved depth is added to your training program, it must be captured and put into the training plan.  All training program documentation can easily be set-up as controlled documents to plug into the Employee Development portion of your ISO Certification or other Production System.

Training Manuals
Electronic Performance Tracking
Real-Time Progress Reporting
Related Technical Instruction
Registered Apprenticeship
  • Machine, Process & Software specific training check sheets
  • Tasks organized by complexity
  • Tasks individually evaluated by trainers & final validated by supervisors
  • Performance expectation timelines
  • Online coursework & class requirements
  • Performance evaluation criteria
  • Tools or metrics identified by the Job Analysis
  • Praeco Skills will use an industry standard open-source LMS that is used by thousands of organizations in both the private and public sectors
  • Design and upload your customized program to a modern LMS interface
  • Integrate the training program with existing Learning Management Systems if desired
  • Instantly see the training gaps of your team
  • Schedule work based off up-to-date qualifications
  • Improve coaching and feedback
  • Set training goals and targets with on-the-floor validated competencies
  • Provide printable reports
  • Online training available 24/7 on mobile devices or regular computers
  • Onsite instructor-led courses available
  • Live Webinar with instructor interaction
  • Mixed delivery as needed
  • Customizable learning plans
  • Supervisors have ability to run progress reports
  • Work with existing training resources (Community Colleges, etc.)
  • Teach customized internal courses
  • Get your program registered with the Department of Labor
  • Issue fully in-house Journeyman certificates
  • Provide clear career-paths for entry-level workers
  • Proven method of talent development