The word "Praeco" is Latin and means "Forerunner" or "Herald". This word describes both our Founder and the clients we work with. For nearly 25 years, Ryan Pohl has been challenging the industry to prepare for the skills shortage by engaging the next generation and by developing cutting-edge training solutions that develop talent the same way we develop our products - by using logical systems and processes. Ryan has been a herald of things to come and our clients are the forerunners in addressing the skills crisis.

Steve Heethuis joined the Praeco Skills team in 2023 after a successful tenure as the Training Manager at a major automotive manufacturing supplier. Steve is a leader and innovator and is passionate about developing manufacturing careers for the next generation. Steve won the Michigan Manufacturers Association Talent Champion award in 2022. 

Ryan and Steve have assembled a network of experts and strategic partnerships that allow Praeco Skills to integrate services ranging from recruiting to curriculum design to high-end, highly specialized technical training. At Praeco Skills, we believe in preserving tried-and-true training methods while integrating modern technology where it makes the most sense. We believe that the skilled labor shortage can be solved at your company by using intelligent processes that align with your values and culture. Access over 100 years of industrial training experience, contact us today!

Ryan Pohl / Founder

Ryan has trained thousands of people in Advanced Manufacturing. His award-winning classes, programs and methodologies have made him a leader in solving the skilled labor crisis in America. As a journeyman CNC Machinist & Programmer, Ryan understands the challenges associated with developing people in a high-tech, fast-paced environment. Combined with his shop floor experience, Ryan has teaching experience at both the high school and college level, while holding advanced degrees in Industrial Training & Development.

Ryan is proud to be an advocate for the skilled trades and brings tremendous energy to every project. He is committed to doing his part to safeguard and grow the skills that are so essential to our country's long-term stability.

Steve Heethuis / Talent Development Manager

Steve is passionate about people and working with them to find pathways to success. He believes in building up strong teams and creating systems that foster authentic human relationships where a sense of purpose can be built. Steve has decades of experience working within organizations that have defined processes and procedures, where he has been able to lead the implementation of new people development programs that align with company goals. His efforts were recognized in 2022 when he won the Michigan Manufacturers Association Talent Champion Award. 

Steve is excited to be in a position today with Praeco Skills where he can apply his big-picture perspective and use his depth of experience to help individuals and companies thrive.

I have worked with Praeco Skills for many years.  Under their leadership, Praeco Skills has provided excellent training solutions for my United States military customers.  If you are serious about solving your skill shortage, I strongly recommend working with Praeco Skills.

Bob Byers

Managing Director • Byers & Associates, LLC

Industries Served

Though our background is in Advanced Manufacturing, Praeco Skills is a proud advocate for ALL skilled trades.  We can design and build Customized Training Programs and provide many of our Additional Services to ALL industries.


Advanced Manufacturing

CNC Programmers

CNC Machinists

General Machinists

Electrical Technicians

Maintenance Technicians

Machine Repair

Quality Technicians



Tile Layers

Fixture Builders


Sales Personnel

Purchasing Personnel

Adminstrative Staff

Furniture makers

Special Machinery Makers

Product Inspection

Press Operators




Die Makers

Mold Makers

and more ...