Machining Industry Essentials

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± 150 Hours


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February 25, 2021

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Every Thursday
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Course Overview

This comprehensive 16-week course covers all the topics that anyone working in the precision machining industry should know early in their career.  The course is hybrid, meaning a combination of instruction methods are used.  In this case, live webinars with direct instructor contact are combined with independent online assignments and skills check sheets for learning on your own shop floor.  Offering 150+ hours of instruction over a logical period of time, this course will not only transform the learner’s knowledge and skills, but will also challenge him / her to embrace an attitude of pride in workmanship.

Course Outline


  • Attitudes toward safety
  • Overhead crane safety
  • Safety on Forklifts
  • Safety on specific machine tools
  • Chemical and air-bound hazards
  • Safe material handling
  • Proper use of Shields and guards
  • Personal Protective Equipment and attire
  • Accident response


  • Definition of work ethic
  • Understanding how to view manual labor
  • Taking responsibility for your actions
  • Time management
  • Managing expectations
  • Building a career in the trades
  • The proper attitude toward change
  • The history and dignity of work
  • Creating a culture of pride in work

Shop Math

  • Decimals & Fractions
  • Using English & Metric
  • Finding area
  • Basic algebra
  • Calculating feeds & speeds
  • Order of operations
  • Adding, subtracting, multiply, dividing fractions
  • Working with Angles
  • Positive and Negative Numbers

Precision Measurement

  • Tolerances
  • Understanding gaging
  • Reading micrometers & calipers
  • Using precision measurement equipment
  • Usage of Go / No-Go gages
  • Part layout
  • Understanding reference gages
  • Care of inspection and measurement equipment

Print Reading

  • Views on a print
  • Reading tolerances
  • Orthographic projection
  • Section & cut out views
  • Understanding lines
  • Connection between prints and CAD
  • Basic CAD functions
  • Understanding solids
  • Intro to GD & T

Basic Machining

  • Understanding metal removal processes
  • Recognizing common cutters
  • Metal removal terminology
  • Job planning and processing parts
  • Understanding how to make a chip
  • Job set-up equipment
  • Proper job set-up
  • Types of manual machines
  • Identifying hand tools


  • History of CNC
  • Cartesian coordinate system
  • CNC machine standard parts
  • Understanding axes & origins
  • Understanding G & M Code
  • Basic programming on CNC Mills & Lathes
  • Incremental vs. Absolute moves
  • Understanding the machine controls
  • Program editing and troubleshooting
  • Understanding high performance cutting tools
  • Creating a highly efficient machining operation
  • Tool holders & Set ups
  • Logical Programming methods
  • Components of CNC machines
  • Understanding CAM
  • Material considerations
  • Calculations for High Efficiency Machining