Production Technician Fundamentals

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± 40 Hours


Online / Hybrid,Onsite

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January 1, 2019

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Course Overview

This 8-week course is designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge for people working in advanced production environments.  Using live webinars and independent online modules, each learner will receive instruction on some of the most important topics for a fast-paced advanced manufacturing production environment.  With a focus on developing a strong, positive attitude PS4001 will systematically enhance the trainee’s ability to perform.   Offering 40+ hours of instruction, the course content can also be customized to meet the company’s specific needs.

Course Outline


  • Attitudes toward safety
  • Overhead crane safety
  • Safety on Forklift
  • Chemical and air-bound hazards
  • Safe material handling
  • Proper use of Shields and guards
  • Personal Protective Equipment and attire
  • Accident response


  • Definition of work ethic
  • Understanding how to view manual labor
  • Taking responsibility for your actions
  • Time management
  • Managing expectations
  • The proper attitude toward change
  • The history and dignity of work
  • Creating a culture of pride in work


  • Decimals & Fractions
  • Using English & Metric
  • Order of operations
  • Positive and Negative Numbers

Precision Measurement

  • Tolerances
  • Understanding gaging
  • Reading micrometers & calipers
  • Usage of Go / No-Go gages
  • Understanding reference gages
  • Proper care of inspection and measurement equipment

Print Reading

  • Views on a print
  • Reading tolerances
  • Orthographic projection
  • Section & cut out views
  • Understanding lines
  • Detail vs. Process Drawings

Lean Manufacturing

  • Introduction to Lean
  • 5-S
  • Visual Workplace
  • Kaizen
  • Set-up Reduction
  • Six Sigma

Quality Systems

  • Standardization
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Quality Tools